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"Healthy U’s main goal is to institute a healthy lifestyle for its clients, by way of supply of healthy goods and information on healthy living and wellness. Healthy U boasts of being the first in East Africa to introduce products that are geared towards leading a healthy lifestyle. The company has managed to understand fully the general retail trends in Kenya, thus ensuring we are always years ahead of any potential competitors. At the retail shops, you will find food supplements ranging from vitamins, sports nutrition, herbs, tinctures, superfoods in form of juices, powders and tablets, flower remedies etc. We also have a wide variety of specialty foods like gluten free and lactose free, whole foods, cereals, dried fruits, seeds, raw nuts, baby foods and natural personal care products. The department also has a section that specializes in décor items and gift ware in some shops; that is Sarit Centre, Yaya Centre and TRM; most recently, the first stand-alone shop of these items was opened at Garden City mall. The aim of having a gift section is to add the concept of holistic lifestyle to our clients, so as to complete the approach of leading a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. The gift items include scented candles, candle holders, vases, lanterns, lamp shades, artificial fountains, wall art etc. Out of this, Healthy U makes customized gift hampers to meet a client needs. The healthy foods and/or supplements can also be incorporated in a gift hamper if a client so wishes. "

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